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These training handouts provide employees with information after the training
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Confined Spaces

Safety Training Handout

Confined Spaces are
-large enough to allow entry of any body part, and
-limited or restricted entry or exit, and
-not designed for continuous employee occupancy

Permit Required Confined Spaces are confined spaces that have any of the following
-potential hazardous atmosphere
-material inside that may engulf or trap you
-internal design that could trap or asphyxiate you
-any other serious safety or health hazard

Entry Permits are required before you enter any “Permit Required Confined Space”

Hazards include
·         Fire & Explosion
·         Engulfment
·         Asphyxiation
·         Entrapment
·         Slips & Falls
·         Electric Shock
·         Noise & Vibration
·         Chemical Exposure
·         Toxic Atmospheres
·         Thermal / Chemical Burns


Engineering Controls
Locked Access
Administrative Controls
Controlled Access
Hazard Assessments
Entry Permits & Procedures
Signs & Lockout Tagout
 Smart Safety Rules
Know what you are getting into

Know how to get out in an emergency.

Know the hazards & how they are controlled

Only authorized & trained person may enter a Confined Space or act as an attendant.

No smoking in Confined Space or near entrance or exit area

Attendant must be present at all times

Constant visual or voice communication must be maintained between the attendant and entrants

No bottom or side entry will be made or work conducted below the level any hanging material or material which could cause engulfment.

Air and oxygen Monitoring is required before entering a Permit-Required Confined Space

Ventilation & oxygen monitoring is required when welding is performed

All floor or surface openings to Confined Spaces must be protected by a barricade